Vietnam Seminar in Hue, August 6-7, 2016

THT held its 11th annual seminar at Hue University College of Foreign Languages, Vietnam August 6-7, 2016. There were 14 participants from Japan, of whom three were new and 11 returning veterans. A day before the seminars, some members also participated in an Action Research seminar put on by the university. As usual, each participant was assigned one (or in some cases two) undergraduate volunteers and these studentsplayed an important role in making the overall experience a deeply rewarding one for both us and them. Including the 20 or so Facilitators, there were around 80 participants, mostly young teachers in universitues, high schools and language centers. This was around the same as last year and consistent with the fact that school was not in session. Because of this relatively low number compared to when the seminars were held in June, we are now having discussions with the university, with a view to having the seminars plus some additional teacher training activities from March 23-26. The results of these discussions will be announced at the National Conference in Nagoya in November.

Photos of the seminars and postings by participants and teachers can be seen at


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