THT in Vietnam was postponed in 2020 and all programs are on hold due to COVID-19. We are also cognizant of the need to make changes in our approach in light of the easy access that Vietnamese and indeed all teachers now have to online webinars of almost every description. For this reason, we plan to maintain our identity as a team of teachers capable of providing an in-country educational experience that no online webinar can replace. This in turn might necessitate that we become a somewhat smaller group (around 5-8 well-qualified people) who can commit to spending 2-3 days actively mentoring and working with graduate students and teachers in two venues, rather than give one or two PowerPoint presentations in three or four venues. 

We are hoping to have a program in March 2023 and information will be sent out around the time of the 2022 JALT conference.

If you are interested in participating in future programs, please message the coordinator Michael Furmanovsky at mfurmanovsky[at]gmail.com. There is also a closed Facebook group that you can be added to after sending an e-mail expressing interest. 

Each seminar has a theme but in general, we are looking for practical presentations for the everyday classroom that are adaptable to a range of teaching situations. In most cases, presenters will give just one presentation and can give the same one at each of the venues.

THT in Vietnam includes regular and highly fulfilling interactions and collaboration with local teachers and graduate students and participants are certain to make lifelong friends and connections.

Estimated total costs excluding the international flight are around 45-75,000 yen including hotels and domestic travel. International flights prior to the COVID outbreak were 35-65,000.