THT in the Philippines


Overview - While the Philippines seminars are no longer part of THT, you can still participate! The seminars are organized by the Balsamo Outreach for Language Teaching (BOLT). Participants pay for their airfare, transportation, lodging and food except for food during seminar and possible pickup from their hotel they are staying at if it is near the pickup point. Suggested hotels in the area are provided.


A donation of 20,000 yen is requested from Japan delegates volunteering to go to San Lorenzo In-Service sessions [Ferry Transportation fee round trip, food, lodging, and transport on the island all covered in 20,000 yen (one night lodging hotel on beach and two nights lodging at village with tribe in the mountains)]. Any proceeds left over after expenses go toward high school and college scholarships for Banilad students from San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy.


Contact Peter Wanner atpjwfkw[at] for further information.








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