Teachers Helping Teachers & Bangladesh English Language Teachers Association Conference on Language Education 2018:
Eyes on the EFL classroom:  New Techniques for a New Generation


The Teachers Helping Teachers/Bangladesh English Language Teachers Association (THT/BELTA) 12th Annual Conference on Language Education will be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, from September 14th and 15th,   2018.  A program with one of the BELTA chapters outside of Dhaka is being scheduled for September 17th.  Volunteers may go to one or both of the programs.


The organizers would like each person to submit three proposals out of which two and possibly three might be given.   Traditionally, our teacher-training conferences, seminars and workshops exhibit practical, student and teacher-friendly approaches to language education that are informed by current research in the field.  Please keep this in mind when creating your proposals. 


Regarding our audience, presenters can expect a mix of junior high school, high school, and university educators.  We occasionally have primary school educators in attendance also.  You may specify a target audience for your presentation, but should expect a mix of teachers in the audience. A repeat of your Dhaka program presentation(s) might be acceptable for the external program.  Presentation proposals should be sent to the conference coordinator, Pat Dougherty at pdougherty@aiu.ac.jp and ct180@hotmail.com.  Acknowledgement of receipt will be made immediately and decisions on acceptance will be made within two weeks of reception.


Travel to Bangladesh, and lodgings in Dhaka, are paid by the THT volunteers, traditionally, travel costs within Bangladesh and lodging costs for the program outside of Dhaka are paid by BELTA.  There are numerous social functions and dinners during the stay and volunteers should expect a full schedule of events during the program. Once your proposals have been received and accepted, information about accommodations and travel arrangements will be forwarded to participants.  Feel free to contact the coordinators, Pat Dougherty pdougherty@aiu.ac.jp  or Steve Cornwell thtjalt@gmail.com with questions.



Contact: thtjalt@gmail.com

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