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THT LAO PROGRAM Announcements 2024
THT Laos 2024 January/February Program
If you are interested in any of the following programs please email:
For further information please ask for a copy of the THT LAO PROGRAM 2023 newsletter.
1. LaoTESOL Conference 1/2 February 2024
Authenticity in English Language Teaching
National University of Laos, Vientiane 
Pre-Conference workshops 30/31 January 2024
Call for presenters: The Lao TESOL Conference is for Lao teachers of English and invited presenters. If you are attending Thai or Cam TESOL this year’s dates make it easy to squeeze Laos in as well. The conference is a fully catered event.
2. Bankuen Teachers Training College (one day program)
Workshops teacher trainees, college and inservice teachers.
3. Rural High School EnglishTeachers (workshops and offering assistance in English classes)
This program is a new program proposed and led by Bankuen TTC.
4. Magic Palms (half day in class support for teachers)
Offer support for Lao high school students and teachers in a warm student centered environment.
5. Student led Vientiane city tour (half day)
Join a student led city day tour.
6. Join together for fabulous meals and interesting side trips. 
THT Laos 2024 New Programs 
We have been invited to assist with the following programs:
1. Exploring Inner Space, Mindful Education and Living Values(January / February)
Led by Trish Sumerfield acknowledged world wide in the field of developing positive thinking, anger management mindfulness education programs. January/February. This coming year we are very pleased to be working together with Trish an educator from New Zealand, who has lived in Vietnam for 21 years. Summerfield has to date written directed and starred in 200 programs exploring inner space and has set up two Inner Space Centers in Hanoi. Trish has made a substantial contribution to Living Values Education throughout Asia. Living Values programs help us to discover our own values and the benefits of living by them. Assistance with this program would be appreciated.

2. Lao TESOL Proceedings.                                                                                                                                 Mentor Lao writers online. Assist with editing Volume 3 of the conference proceedings. If you have attended the conference you can also submit an article for publication. 

3. Assist with the Development of Test Materials (Ministry of Education and Sport)
Assist with the development of testing materials for the new primary and secondary, nationwide English language programs in Laos. It is possible to make a contribution to this program online too.
4. Stay for a year
Are you retired or on leave? Work with English teachers and students at the National University of Laos in the Faculty of Letters or Gender Studies Departments for one year. No salary, but lots of warm heart warming experiences..
5. Presentations on tertiary education in Japan
Offer presentations for private secondary school students wishing to study in Japan.
6. Refugee English Education
Assist with English education programs for Save the Children Fund in refugee camps on the Thai/Burmese Border.

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